Penny has been cooking for nearly all of her life.  Constant experimentation and a deep knowledge of food are the hallmarks of her kitchen.  She is a nutritionist and advocate of healthful eating — most of the time.  But when it’s time for a dessert, it’s time for DESSERT.  Penny is unofficially obsessed with the perfect cake.  Just keep it a treat, not an every day habit, and all will be well for both palate and health.  These recipes are dedicated to her children, Calvin and Lucy, who will one day create their own special recipes while keeping the tradition of hospitality alive.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Penny. I read the recent article about you in Sunset. There was a photo from your garden with mint and pansies and I would love to know about the variety of the pansies, I’ve never seen any with that coloring. I would love to have some in my own garden, thanks!

    • Hello Jennifer! Thanks for asking. I believe that is a Viola Penny ‘Marlies’. They are very pretty. I love violas in my garden — and they are edible! Great decorations for cakes.

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